Mastodon not working

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Mastodon not working

Post by criky »

After the clean-installation 2021-07-30(yellow channel), Mastodon is not working and shows several errors like below.
(These messages are being pop-up during the Mastodon deploying process.)

And accordingly the Mastodon site is not accessable from public internet.

According to its messages, there seems a discrepancy between Ruby code versions.

"sudo ubos-admin update" is obviously not working to solve this issue, any idea about this?
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Re: Mastodon not working

Post by j12t »

Probably needs a rebuild. In the next apps update. ... /issues/31

If you want to work on it: determine whether Mastodon works with Ruby 3, if so, upgrade the PKGBUILD. If not, we have ruby2.7 package in the repo which we created for Decko, e.g. see commit log here: ... mmits/main
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