How to install app in root domain?

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How to install app in root domain?

Post by moretocome »

Like the title suggests. I would like to host my primary app (Nextcloud) in the root domain and move the app list and any secondary apps (I have none ATM) to subfolders. How to achieve that?

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Re: How to install app in root domain?

Post by j12t »

By default, we install Nextcloud at /nextcloud, you are right. But that's just a default. To move it to somewhere else, redeploy what UBOS calls the Site JSON, with the context path you want.

Something like this:
  • using the ssh keys from your Staff, ssh into your UBOS box as user shepherd (more details are here)
  • sudo ubos-admin showsite --site s... --json > mysite.json
  • Open that file mysite.json with an editor, such as vi
  • Look for the line that says:

    Code: Select all

        "context" : "/nextcloud",
    and replace it with

    Code: Select all

        "context" : "",
  • sudo ubos-admin deploy --file mysite.json
That should do it. Make sure you don't reboot with the Staff in the box, unless you change it there too, otherwise UBOS might redeploy it to the context path stated there.
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