Nextcloud on USOSbox apps

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Nextcloud on USOSbox apps

Post by dln949 »

Since I have Nextcloud on a UBOSbox, am I able to use the Nextcloud apps
store? The documentation from Nextcloud doesn't seem to match with what
I see when I log in to the app store: I cannot see how to install an
app; also, when I check the box to show my apps, nothing appears on the
app store screen. So, I am wondering if using the UBOSbox is what
causing the problems I am seeing.

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Re: Nextcloud on USOSbox apps

Post by j12t »

By default, we ship UBOSbox Nextcloud with the Nextcloud "app store" disabled. That's because it's basically impossible for us (or anybody) to test all Nextcloud configurations, and make high-level administration tools like "ubos-admin" work with an open-ended list of apps that a user may or may not install or remove at any time.

If you need a specific Nextcloud app we don't bundle, here are some options:
  • Tell us about the app here: and we may consider making this app available natively on UBOS at some point in the future. You can see others have filed requests there already.
  • Package the app yourself as a UBOS accessory. For examples, see the various Nextcloud apps we package, and follow the same scheme: You could even make it a github pull request, which would make the previous alternative much more likely to happen, and faster! :-)
  • Install the app yourself in the respective Nextcloud directory, either directly, or be re-installing/enabling the Nextcloud app store. This will likely break UBOS administration functionality, however.

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