very large snapshot files

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very large snapshot files

Post by dln949 »

In the .snapshots directory I have three directories - named "7", "8", and "9" - that are each over 647,000 MB in size.

I don't know what these files are, nor how they get created.

They are taking up so much space on the disk that I cannot upload files to the nextcloud application.

What are these file?

What makes them?

How do I get rid of them?

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Re: very large snapshot files

Post by j12t »

These are actually not files, although they look like it. These are btrfs filesystem snapshots created automatically with "snapper" (see ) during certain ubos-admin operations -- basically an extra form of insurance kept around for a while in case something goes wrong.

You can remove some/all of them, which will indeed free up disk space (but not immediately: btrfs needs to have some time to do cleanup):

To see more info about those snapshots:

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sudo snapper list
To delete listed snapshot number 1:

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sudo snapper delete 1
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