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Wi-fi configurations

Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 1:13 pm
by criky
Hi :)
I'd like to connect my UBOSbox(NUC model B) to router via Wi-fi. But it seems it does not work when I tried the steps of Wi-fi setup with UBOS staff.
In the UBOS documentation, it says in order to do that, every drivers should be installed already.
I know that my UBOSbox has wireless adaptor in its hardware(Wireless: IntelĀ® Wireless-AC 3168), but never sure if UBOSbox has its driver pre-installed.

So firstly could you kindly let me know if Wi-fi setup is currently possible with UBOSbox NUC model B?
If no, may I install the wireless LAN driver myself?

Re: Wi-fi configurations

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 1:36 am
by j12t
The UBOSbox product is intended as a home server, and so we ship it configured to only use Ethernet.

However, as you found in the UBOS documentation, you should be able to get any computer running UBOS to connect via WiFi. That includes UBOSbox!

We are not aware of any driver issues with the hardware we ship, so I would expect the problem to be something else. It could be as simple as your WiFi info not being in the correct directory on the UBOS Staff, or perhaps a typo.

Could you log into your UBOSbox, execute the following commands, and post the output here?

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ip addr
systemctl --failed
systemctl | grep wpa_supplicant
ls -al /etc/wpa_supplicant
Also, could you insert the UBOS Staff into your PC, open UBOS-STAFF.html, navigate to the "WiFi Credentials" section, post a screenshot of that section?

Re: Wi-fi configurations

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 6:26 am
by criky
I think it has some sort of privacy-related contents. So let me send it to you by mail.
Thank you. :)

Re: Wi-fi configurations

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 9:15 pm
by j12t
This has been resolved off-line. The issue was a lack of carriage returns at the end of the .conf file(s) in the wifi directory on the UBOS Staff. This caused a WPA supplicant configuration file to be generated that WPA supplicant didn't like.

Adding those carriage returns fixed the issue. In the future, we will generate extra carriage returns, see code change already made at ... 374cc2cafe