To reach several apps on a single site

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To reach several apps on a single site

Post by criky »


To be clear, I want to know what UBOS will do if I reach the site in a various ways.

Assuming I've installed an app(for example Wordpress) on a site which host name is ""(without further context path).
And then installed second app(for example Matomo) onto the same site, but different context path, ""

Then what happens if I visit the URL of ""?
(I know if two apps installed on a site with different paths, then "" will show the list of apps, but this is another case)

Does it show the list of apps installed on the site? Or shows just one app like Wordpress?

If trying out is as easy as single-clicking, then I would try to, but as you know this approach has several risks I have to take, so I rather ask you about what it'll do.


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Re: To reach several apps on a single site

Post by j12t »

You can't and UBOS should prevent you from trying. Here is a summary of the rules:

If you have an app deployed to the root context path, no other apps can be deployed at that site because the possibility of path conflicts is simply too high. If there is no app at the root context path, you can deploy additional apps at non-root context paths that aren't the same as apps at existing context paths. With the additional complication that some apps can only run at the root of a site.

If there is no app at the root context and there are other apps installed, the app overview icons will be shown when visiting the root path. Unless you set "isdefault : true" on an AppConfig, in which case visitors will be redirected from the root to the default app instead of seeing the overview.

Hope this helps.
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