Basics of DNS for External Access

You are using UBOS on an x86_64 PC. Please tell us something about the hardware.
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Basics of DNS for External Access

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I successfully have UBOS running a Nextcloud site on my Odroid H-2 and can reach Nextcloud while on my home network. What are the basic steps to be able to access it when I am away from home? I am using a Synology router and have quite a few options in its management software. I can purchase a domain (I have many with Dreamhost) and have dynamic DNS through Synology. But I don’t know how all the pieces fit together. Thanks!

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Re: Basics of DNS for External Access

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Cool! The H-2 is basically an x86_64 PC, so you could follow the PC instructions? Or was there any special sauce you had to add?

On your question: there are a variety of ways of doing that. We recommend going through Pagekite (documented here [1]) because it is one of the simpler ways ...

You can also open up a port on your router/firewall, and run dynamic DNS as documented here [2].

[2] ... ynamic-dns
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