Issue installing Nextcloud in Vbox

You are using UBOS in a virtual machine, or in the cloud. Please tell us which.
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Issue installing Nextcloud in Vbox

Post by ginsa1 » Mon Apr 01, 2019 2:01 pm

I have download UBOS image for Virtualbox and I am trying to installing Nextcloud, but I can't.
Nextcloud is the first and only app in the VM, despite this, pacman says that there is no room to install the modules.
I have incremented the virtual disk dimension until to the max space in the real disk, about 49 GB, using static allocation, but it still doesn't work.
What can I do ? Thanks.
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Re: Issue installing Nextcloud in Vbox

Post by j12t » Tue Apr 02, 2019 11:11 pm

Hmm, it seems it would be a good idea if we shipped a larger default image on VirtualBox. Currently it is only 3G, but UBOS has grown and Nextcloud has grown since that number was set, and it seems it has outgrown it! I filed an issue:

In the meantime -- or perhaps in general, it might be a good idea anyway -- you could create a separate virtual disk, attach that virtual disk to your virtual machine, and then mount that separate virtual disk at /ubosn (before you install Nextcloud). Once you then run "ubos-admin createsite, UBOS will install Nextcloud, and put all your Nextcloud data, on that separate disk. This might be good idea anyway because you can choose the size that makes most sense for the amount of data that you might want to put into Nextcloud.

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