questions about odd behavior when mounting UBOSbox drive in Ubuntu

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questions about odd behavior when mounting UBOSbox drive in Ubuntu

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Because I am unable to upload files using the Nextcloud standard upload process - a problem I submitted to this forum under a different question - I thought I'd try other methods.

Using fstab I mounted the UBOSbox on my Ubuntu computer (18.04.2, GNOME Shell 3.28.3, Nautilus 3.26.4) with this entry in the fstab file:

http://MyServer/nextcloud/remote.php/dav/files/admin /home/main1/nextcloud_mount davfs user,rw,uid=1000,gid=1000,noauto,_netdev 0 0

That mounts properly at boot, I can see the icon for the directory on the desktop.

In addition, using Nautilus I can also mount the UBOSbox drive using this address:

dav://MyServer/nextcloud/remote.php/dav/files/admin ubosbox

This also works, and I get the typical icon on the desktop.

However, when I open either one to explore the subdirectories, they take an AGONIZINGLY LONG TIME to show contents.

Also - While the method of using the dav:// address is very slow, it does eventually show the contents of a directory. But the one that comes from the fstab entry reports "Folder is Empty" if the directory has more than a moderate amount of data in it.

So, two questions:

1) Why does it take so long to explore the directories on the UBOSbox using either method above; and,
2) Why does the one method end up unable to show the contents of large directories?

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