Permissions on editing configuration files with UBOS

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Permissions on editing configuration files with UBOS

Post by criky »

Hi :)

I recently have installed UBOSbox of NUC by myself.
When I connect to the box via ssh, I got curious about the UBOS permissions on certain files.
When I try, I can't edit wpa_supplicant-xxx.conf as well as wireless-regdom file via terminal due to the lack of the permissions.

So my questions are;

1. It seems I only have a r(read) right on that files even if I am the "shepherd". But this situation is normal with the UBOS?
Because as I know in Linux OS, generally files can be modified by user.
May I have then additional permissions to change, create or edit certain files(for example configuration files) besides UBOS staff?

2. If possible, when I get the permissions of some files or folders, it affects to the normal functioning of UBOS or even worse, system vulnerabilities?

Thanks for your feedback. Cheers!

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Re: Permissions on editing configuration files with UBOS

Post by j12t »

The shepherd user is intended to be the administrator user for normal UBOS administration. Anything that the shepherd user can run and execute, including "sudo <some command>" is intended to be "safe" in the sense that UBOS is still configured in a way that it was designed for. Conversely, if the shepherd user cannot do certain things (such as editing certain files), that's because editing those files will change the configuration in ways we cannot know and likely make it impossible for us to support users.

In other words, as soon as you step out of that box, you are on your own :-)

With those warnings, there is an FAQ about how to become root: Use at your own risk.

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