Browser access when developing in a container inside VirtualBox

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Browser access when developing in a container inside VirtualBox

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(From an e-mail conversation, for future reference)
Do you usually run a browser inside VirtualBox, or is there some way to get into something served in VirtualBox from a browser outside of it?
You can, but if you don't want to do that:

It depends on your VirtualBox networking setup. If you use the default, it's NAT and you can’t get in from the Mac (or whatever you run VirtualBox on). You can alternatively set it as Bridged (“Machine / Settings / Network”) in which case the VM will share your physical network interface (Ethernet or WiFi) with the Mac. The VM will also have a separate IP address. This usually works on home networks, but may not work on some corporate networks that are only willing to hand out one IP address per interface.

You could also run a host-only virtual network, but that doesn’t allow you to get out to the public internet from the VM. So sometimes I run multiple virtual network adapters (same dialog as above) with different networking settings, so I get all. I don’t recommend that as the default, though, because sometimes they conflict with each other and strangeness occurs …

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