About lost e-mails sent from this site

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About lost e-mails sent from this site

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TLDR: If you registered for this site, but did not receive your confirmation e-mail, please try again. The problem should be fixed now.

More details:

It was reported (thanks! we know who you are but don't want to "out" you!) that this forum sent e-mail from localhost.localdomain rather than from ubos.net. As a result, you may not have received your confirmation e-mail because your e-mail provider might have rejected it. (Some e-mail providers do accept those e-mails, including the one we tested with -- gmail -- but others do not. We can't blame them.)

For you as UBOS user, the technical details might be interesting:

This site, obviously, runs on UBOS. Let's examine the site:

Code: Select all

> ubos-admin showsite --host forum.ubos.net
Site (TLS): forum.ubos.net (s...)
    Context:           <root> (a1...): phpbb phpbb-extension-shareon
    Context:           <none> (a2...): amazonses
So outgoing e-mail from this site should be automatically routed via Amazon SES. This is the way we set it up, and so we were perplexed why the sender was apparently localhost.localdomain instead of the correct domain name.

But it turns out the user from which administrative e-mails are sent is admin<at>ubos.net, not admin<at>forum.ubos.net. As a result, the amazonses app, installed at site forum.ubos.net (and not ubos.net!), by means of postfix, correctly did not route the outgoing SMTP message via AmazonSES, and instead forwarded it directly. Which led to the problem.

Solution: also install the amazonses app at site ubos.net running on the same host. Which is what we did, and now it should work.

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