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Welcome to the UBOS Forums!

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Now that phpbb has been packaged for UBOS, we can run forums!*

Welcome, please pardon our dust, let's hope everything works as it is supposed to. If not, please log a bug here: https://github.com/uboslinux/ubos-phpbb/issues

For now, we have no particular posting or moderation policy, other than: be kind to each other. We'll see whether this will remain good enough.



(*) My Latin teacher would of course rotate. The plural of "forum" is "fora", except that nobody knows that any more.

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[Presentation] This is José from France

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Hi, I am José from France

As "individual", I am very insterested by your application.

Advocating self-hosting :)

I am not a sysadmin but I know a little bit Linux shell and CLI.

I can share with the community my UBOS experience on VirtualBox, Raspberry 2 and soon PC/serveur.

I am a co-founder of a LUG in my county.

Fill free to contact me at any time :)

Best Regards, José
Tricassinux.org :)

Sorry for my poor American
jrd | I am José from France.
"Individual" and tricassinux.org co-founder.
Advocating selfhosting.
Fell free to contact me any time
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